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A unique cremation urn designed to scatter ashes in a dignified way.

We have an extensive range to choose from from our Original Collection to Limited Edition New Zealand Designs.  We also offer personalised custom options.


Our scatter tubes are made from 90% recycled cardboard and are 100% biodegradable, making them an environmentally friendly option and suitable for interment. 

We offer three sizes, giving families the option to have a portion in their own home as a keepsake, or to use in a special scattering ceremony.  

00 Keepsake  9cm H  3.6cm D  65 cc

01 Small   13.5cm H  7,5cm D  380 cc

04 Large   32cm H  13.1cm D  3790  cc

Image Gallery
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Original Designs

Standard option

Limited Edition Designs

New Zealand designed, premium canvas UV coated finish

Custom Personalised

Premium canvas wrap using personal photos and text in range of single or collage options

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